Wethersfield Athletic Director Releases Statement Regarding Student Athlete Activities

In a joint statement with Annawan Schools, Jeff Parsons, Athletic Director at Wethersfield Schools released a statement to the media regarding what student athletes can and cannot do while school activities are suspended by the state of Illinois….

We at Wethersfield and Annawan, along with our Flying Geese and Titan teams, are entering into an unprecedented time due to COVID-19. Our plan for the next two weeks, or until the Governor instructs us otherwise, is as follows:

Athletes and students in Athletic PE classes have a routine of lifts and auxiliaries they have been doing all year. They are encouraged to continue doing these on their own.

The weight room as well as all school facilities are off-limits during the shutdown, per the release sent out by Governor Pritzker, the State Superintendent of Schools, and the IHSA.

Coaches can have contact with the students using any form of technology. They can encourage students and athletes to do things on their own. Coaches cannot meet with groups of athletes.

With the spring season temporarily suspended, the athletes should not practice or compete with their school or non-school (club/travel) teams or they will be ineligible for the high school team if and when the suspension is lifted. This is a direct quote from the state and the IHSA.

There will be NO non-school activities, school activities, or sports allowed on the school premises during the shutdown. The building is to be closed. We have an outstanding maintenance staff that will be working to maintain the upkeep of the building and sports facilities.

We have a field maintenance person in charge of the upkeep at Howes Park who has done a tremendous job for many years. When and if the suspension is lifted, the athletic facilities will be ready for competition.

As far as scheduling and make-ups, these will be addressed once more information becomes available. The goal, when the ban is lifted, will be to reschedule conference events first and non-conference games second. Some events will not be able to be rescheduled due to time constraints.

With the reinstatement of activities by the state and IHSA, we will go back to running things as they were before the shutdown.
Wethersfield is prepared to continue sports and activities as soon as the suspension of activities and school are lifted. In the time being, we as a state-funded and run institution, we have no other choice but to follow the protocol handed down from the state and the IHSA.

Thank you,
Coach Parsons

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