UT-Kewanee High School Bowling Results

Marland Rachel, Kewanee Bowling Coach provided the highlights and statistics for Tuesday night’s High School Bowling…

Kewanee vs United Township High School at Pin Splitter Lanes in Princeton, IL on 11/30/2021

The meet was a varsity meet of 6 people on each team
The KHS team consisted of:

Kristina Armstrong
Teralyn Whitcher
Mya Mirocha
Mikaela Goffrier
Mariah Bishop
Talyssa Closen

The girls did well for their home opener. The team scores were 2295 for Kewanee and 2754 for UTHS.

Mya Mirocha had a high game with a 183 and a high series of 486 with Kristina Armstrong had a high game of 162 and series of 447.

Jenna Traynham had high game with a 214 and high series of 524 with Regina Harmening close behind with a 523 series and high game of 190 for UTHS.

“The ladies seemed a little nervous with their opening throws but after a few frames they started to relax and closed more frames. It was enjoyable to watch the athletes from both schools compete and cheer each other on as they played their three games.” – Marland Rachel

JV did not have enough to be a team yet here are the highlights
Mckenzie Haupt had a high game of 118 and a 281 series
Jami Toms had high series of 283

Aniya Harris 123 high game
Sylvia Abbaker had a high series of 292

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