Three Rivers Athletic Conference Football – Big School Division All-Conference Team

As selected by a vote of conference coaches

First Team * Denotes “unanimous” here and with player and coaches of the year.
Offensive Position Name Year School
Lineman – Center Kaleb Cain 12 Princeton
Lineman – Guard Kody Mongon 12 Princeton
Lineman – Guard Will Epperly 12 Sherrard
Lineman – Tackle *Grant Foes 12 Princeton
Lineman – Tackle Brody Naftzger 12 Erie-Prophetstown
Lineman – End Carter Russell 12 Monmouth-Roseville
Lineman – End Jordan Johnson 11 Kewanee

Running Back *Ronde Worrels 12 Princeton
Running Back *Ryan Staver 12 Sherrard
Running Back Tayvian Taylor 12 Kewanee

Quarterback *Tyler Gibson 12 Princeton

Flex Player Tyreke Fortney 11 St. Bede

Defensive Position Name Year School
Defensive Lineman Alec Vecchia 12 Hall
Defensive Lineman Grant Foes 12 Princeton
Defensive Lineman Alex May 12 Princeton
Defensive Lineman Carter Russell 12 Monmouth-Roseville
Defensive Lineman Logan Link 12 St. Bede

Linebacker Dominic Guerrini 11 Hall
Linebacker Drew Harp 11 Princeton
Linebacker Ronde Worrels 12 Princeton
Linebacker Jayce Ladzinski 11 St. Bede

Defensive Back *Cael Davis 12 Princeton
Defensive Back Eli Bernier 12 Sherrard
Defensive Back Jordan Johnson 11 Kewanee
Defensive Back Luke Story 11 St. Bede

Specialty Position Name Year School
Punter *Tyler Gibson 12 Princeton

Place Kicker Nick Pearse 12 St. Bede

Return Specialist *Melcon DeJesus III 12 Kewanee

Second Team
Offensive Position Name Year School
Lineman – Center Shawn Schwemlein 12 St. Bede
Lineman – Guard Joe Edwall 12 St. Bede
Lineman – Guard Jacob Otten 11 Erie-Prophetstown
Lineman – Tackle Alec Vecchia 12 Hall
Lineman – Tackle Keanu Jaco 11 Kewanee
Lineman – End Bennett Sierens 11 Princeton
Lineman – End Griffen Heuser 12 St Bede

Running Back Mac Resetich 10 Hall
Running Back Dominic Guerrini 11 Hall
Running Back Connor Sibley 11 Erie-Prophetstown

Quarterback Braden Damerell 12 St. Bede

Flex Player Eli Bernier 12 Sherrard
Flex Player Teegan Davis 10 Princeton

Defensive Position Name Year School
Defensive Lineman Pierce Miller 11 Princeton
Defensive Lineman Brody Naftzger 12 Erie-Prophetstown
Defensive Lineman Tyler Whan 12 Sherrard
Defensive Lineman Jaxson Hicks 10 Kewanee

Linebacker Derek Chandler 11 Monmouth-Roseville
Linebacker Tanner Timerman 12 Sherrard
Linebacker Josh Nimrick 11 Kewanee
Linebacker Tayvian Taylor 12 Kewanee

Defensive Back Mac Resetich 10 Hall
Defensive Back Teegan Davis 10 Princeton
Defensive Back Mason Misfeldt 11 Erie-Prophetstown
Defensive Back Melcon DeJesus III 12 Kewanee

Honorable Mention
Offensive Position Name Year School
Quarterback Kolby Franks 11 Erie-Prophetstown
Quarterback Will Bruno 11 Kewanee
Running Back Augie Christensen 10 Princeton
Running Back Ethan Sramek 11 St. Bede
Lineman – Center Logan Wheeler 12 Erie-Prophetstown
Lineman – Guard Pierce Miller 11 Princeton
Lineman – Guard Conner Hood 11 Kewanee
Lineman – Guard Jayce Ladzinski 11 St. Bede
Lineman – Tackle Jacob Aley 11 Princeton
Lineman – Tackle Ethan Davis 10 Monmouth-Roseville
Lineman – Tackle Walker Anderson 10 Sherrard
Lineman – Tackle Ryan Migliorini 10 St. Bede
Lineman – End Caleb Haring 12 Princeton
Lineman – End Jack Thompson 12 Monmouth-Roseville
Lineman – End Mason Misfeldt 11 Erie-Prophetstown
Lineman – End Niko Powe 11 Kewanee


Defensive Position Name Year School
Defensive Lineman Logan Wheeler 12 Erie-Prophetstown
Defensive Lineman Conner Hood 11 Kewanee
Defensive Lineman Brandon Green 12 St Bede
Linebacker Danny Cihocki 10 Princeton
Linebacker Augie Christiansen 10 Princeton
Linebacker KeShawn Taylor 12 Monmouth-Roseville
Linebacker Jase Grunder 10 Erie-Prophetstown
Linebacker Connor Sibley 11 Erie-Prophetstown
Linebacker Dylan Russell 11 Sherrard
Linebacker Noah Setser 12 St. Bede
Linebacker Ethan Fleming 12 St. Bede
Defensive Back Logan Glancy 11 Princeton
Defensive Back Cam Conley 11 Kewanee
Defensive Back Tim Croissant 12 St. Bede

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