Kewanee-Galva-Hall Bowling Results

From Coach Marland Rachel:

In this meet there are a few extras. Hall, due to numbers, had 2 males on the team. Also Galva, an individual bowler played as well

High game
Hall Kennedy Pelzer 210
Galva Abby Jones 255
Kewanee Mya Mirocha 159

High series
Hall Kennedy Pelzer 560
Galva Abby Jones 575
Kewanee Mya Mirocha 456

Earlier this week, Kewanee Bowling lost to Moline

Moline 2793
Kewanee 2294

High game
Moline Aexis Epping 229
Kewanee Mya Mirocha 194

High 3 Game
Moline Aexis Epping 559
Kewanee Mya Mirocha 527

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