Who Will Lose Their Winning Streak ? Bushnell v.s. Elmwood Preview

The Bushnell-Prairie City high school boys basketball team has been on a winning streak these past three games. Coach Tyler Snyder and the varsity team will strive to continue their journey as they go up against Elmwood in a non-conference game tonight at 7:30 p.m. 


Elmwood is also on a three game winning streak, their most recent win, a 50-29 victory against Lewistown. The Elmwood Trojans are currently 18-6 while being 6-4 in their conference. They are 7-2 at home.


Bushnell- Prairie City on the other hand is undefeated when it comes to conference play, with a record of 5-0. Their overall record is just above .500 at 12-11. Their most recent victory, a 65-48 drubbing of Peoria Heights..



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