IHSA: Winter Sports Not To Begin Until January At Earliest

The Illinois High School Association says the winter sports season that is on hold due to the state’s COVID-19 mitigations, are staying that way until at least January.

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson released a statement following Wednesday’s virtual meeting of the IHSA Board of Directors.

“Given Governor Pritzker’s current mitigations, the board has no expectation of starting low risk winter sports prior to January. The board and IHSA staff will continue to monitor the Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation in effect currently. When there is a timeline for the state to emerge from these restrictions, the board is prepared to restart lower risk winter sports quickly. In addition, the board hopes to reestablish contact days in January for any winter sports that cannot begin, as well as spring and summer sports. The introduction of the contact days will be based on mitigations from the governor and the Illinois Department of Public Health at that time. Further guidance on contact days limits will be established at a future board meeting.

The board is scheduled to meet again on December 14 at their regularly scheduled December board meeting. The board will be discussing sports/activities state series, possible adjustments to IHSA By-law 3.022 and 4.022 for semester academic eligibility and the latest information regarding Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation limits.

To reiterate, the board has no expectation to begin any winter sports seasons until 2021, but will remain agile in their preparation and willingness to adapt should a window present itself sooner.”

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