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Regional Media Celebrity Interview Comedian Brian Posehn An Evening with Grandpa Metal

Comedian Brian Posehn is back with a new kind of comedy. Mixing his love and talent for stand up comedy with his obsession with Heavy Metal Music, Brian has ...

Kewanee Back When A History of Kewanee’s Drive Thru Restaurants

On the latest edition of Kewanee Back When, Dave Clark joins Sean Kernan for ...

Henry and Stark County Health Department Release Recovery Rate Data

The latest recovery rate data from the Henry and Stark County Health Department was ...

Henry County Sheriff Arrest and Citation Report 09-16-2020

-On Thursday, September 10th at 4:25P.M. Henry County Deputies responded to a traffic crash ...

Kewanee Police Arrest and Citation Report 09-15-2020 to 09-16-2020

At approximately 2:31 Pm Kewanee Police made a traffic stop in the area of ...

Upcoming Events

The Back Road Music Festival

What happens when two life long friends, a bartender, and a banker, get a crazy idea? Normally the result doesn’t impress their parents. In this case, it has transformed rural Henry County Illinois for years to come. Specifically, the small town of Galva, population 2,700. Every August thousands flock to see some of the biggest country stars in the business. The festival grounds are unlike any other. The stage rises out of a natural amphitheater surrounded by cornfields, windmills, with a panoramic country view that allows fans to see for miles. In its 7th year, the sense of community couldn’t be more evident. When you come to the back road music festival, you make memories for life, and it feels like home no matter where you are from. By attending the festival, you will also be supporting the long list of charities we support. We take pride in using our platform to help others in need. If you want a safe, family-friendly environment, that helps others then we are the perfect summer festival for you. One ticket, 7 acts, charity, good food, drinks, and a whole lot of #1’s. What are you waiting for?

Illinois News Now

Local News, Local Events, Local Everything from across the state of Illinois and More! We discuss local events with local leaders!

Nik Wallenda Facing Fear

Sep 18, 2020
Even people who've always appeared fearless can still get scared. That's a lesson that daredevil Nik Wallenda learned after an accident left his famous daredevil, wire-walking, family injured. Nik's sister was left in a coma following a family stunt go wrong and rather than deal with the emotional toll of what happened, Nik kept up his wire-walking schedule and pretended that nothing was wrong. That proved to be the wrong approach as, for the first time in his career, Nik started to feel what we regular folk recognize as anxiety. How Nik learned to cope with feelings he wasn't used to and trauma he tried to pretend wasn't there is the subject of his inspiring new memoir Facing Fear.

Marshall Jones September Henry County Board Meeting

Sep 18, 2020
Marshall Jones, chairman of the Henry County Board, joined WKEI on People to People on Friday to talk about Thursday night's Henry County Board Meeting. But first, Mr Jones wanted to remind everyone to get counted in the Census. Funding in your county, your town, your community is affected by the Census count so please do your part. We also discussed COVID-19 and we asked Mr Jones what kind of impact COVID-19 has had on the County. A reminder, the Revolving Loan Fund is still accepting applications from business owners who've been affected by COVID-19. Help is available to keep your business going in Henry County.

Jan Powelsen And Morgan Anderson Soil And Water Conservation

Sep 18, 2020
Jannifer Powellson from the Stark County Soil and Water Conservation District and Morgan Anderson from the Henry County Soil and Water Conservation District were our guests on Tuned In on Friday. It's only been 3 months on the job for Morgan in Henry County as she started her job at one of the most unique moments possible, amid the global pandemic. We talked about the challenges of starting this important job in the midst of the pandemic. And we talked about the Tree and Fish Sale happening in both Henry and Stark County.

YWCA Sauk Valley This Week

Sep 18, 2020
YWCA Sauk Valley This Week by Regional Media

Sinnissippi Centers with Andy Jackson

Sep 18, 2020
Sinnissippi Centers with Andy Jackson by Regional Media

Brea Cinammon Strength Training For Girls

Sep 17, 2020
Strength and conditioning training for girls and young women is becoming more and more common as training techniques evolve to meet the needs of young athlete. That's why it is so important for each athlete to take care in how they approach strength and conditioning training. It's more than just deciding to pick up weights and start lifting. Making sure you know what your goal is and taking care to lift correctly for your body type and other factors are urgently important in getting the most out of a strength and conditioning routine. Brea Cinnamon, Physical Therapist at OSF Saint Luke Medical Center, talked to WKEI about the benefits and keys to strength training specifically for young women. It's not all that different from the advice given to young boys but there are a few things to keep in mind.

RaeAnn Tucker Recovery Rate Data Henry And Stark County

Sep 17, 2020
On Wednesday, the Henry and Stark County Health Department released the latest Recovery Rate Data for the combined counties. Today, on the WKEI morning, we talked to RaeAnn Tucker from the Health Department about the latest numbers and delved into a question that has been raised repeatedly on social media on the reporting of deaths related to COVID-19. RaeAnn Tucker told WKEI that the reporting of deaths between the local level and state level can be staggered due to the intent to determine that indeed COVID-19 was a contributing factor in the death. More important however, is remembering that the 7 people who have died from COVID-19 related issues in Henry and Stark County, are members of families, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, husbands and wives and so on. Each of these people were members of a family and a community. They may be parts of our statistics but they are not just statistics in this ongoing pandemic. They are the human cost of COVID-19.

Rock And Roll Icon Bill Medley - Wake Up Princeton

Sep 17, 2020
Iconic Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bill Medley visited with Paul Bomleny on Wake Up Princeton recently. The Righteous Brothers’ classics include “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”, “Soul and Inspiration”, “Rock and Roll Heaven”, “Ebb Tide” and “Unchained Melody”.

After his original singing partner, Bobby Hatfield, died in 2003. Medley continued as a soloist, but was inspired to revive the band when he saw Bucky Heard performing at a concert a few years ago. The updated Righteous Brothers have been performing together since 2016.

Medley celebrates his 80th birthday this Saturday. During his 60 year career, he has won a Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe and American Music Award. He along with Hatfield were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Not being able to tour or do their residency at Harrah’s due to the pandemic, The Righteous Brothers this month are performing a limited concert series on a pay-per-view live stream. “An Intimate Evening with The Righteous Brothers” live from The Space in Las Vegas. Tickets are $30 per show and available at TheSpaceLV.com

Bill Medley has been bringing us great music for 60 years and says he has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Mayor Mike 091720

Sep 17, 2020
Mayor Mike Inman chats with Amy K on WLMD

Brian Posehn Grandpa Metal

Sep 17, 2020
Comedian Brian Posehn is back with a new kind of comedy. Mixing his love and talent for stand up comedy with his obsession with Heavy Metal Music, Brian has come up with a show he calls An Evening with Grandpa Metal, a stand up concert and heavy metal show. And, it's all available virtually. Brian has teamed up with Rushtix to create a live stream that fans can purchase at RushTix.com.

Ashleigh Banfield Judgment On Court TV

Sep 17, 2020
If you love true crime stories then Ashleigh Banfield's new show is made for you. Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield on Court TV takes viewers inside the most famous court cases in the world through the lens of the one network that was there for them all, Court TV. Using the vast Court TV library, Ashleigh and her team comb days and hours of endless testimony to find this stories hidden just outside the searing spotlight of a high profile court cases. From O.J to Arias, Casey Anthony to The Menendez Brothers, there is still much to learn about and learn from the most famous court cases in history. Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield airs on Sunday night's at 7 Pm on Court TV.

Kewanee Back When Drive Thru

Sep 17, 2020
On the latest edition of Kewanee Back When, Dave Clark joins Sean Kernan for a look at the history of the drive through in Kewanee. Specifically drive through food establishments. From Sandy's to Hardees to McDonalds and Taco Bell, fast food drive thrus, one could create a historic map of Kewanee by just naming the various names and locations of drive thru establishments in the history of the City of Kewanee. In fact, that's kind of what Dave and Sean do here, a mental map of Kewanee by the drive thru.

WIU Active Shooter Conference

Sep 16, 2020
On Tuesday night, 18 year old Kavion Kenneth Poplous is suspected to have shot his roommate at Western Illinois University. The incident occurred at just after 10:30 Pm on Tuesday night at Western Illinois University's Thompson Hall. This morning, Western Illinois University officials held a press conference to update the public about the situation and the search for the suspect who is considered armed and dangerous.

Salvation Army Kettle And Angel Tree Kickoff

Sep 16, 2020
With an increase in need forecast on the national level, the Salvation Army of Kewanee has decided to start their annual red kettle campaign early this year. As soon as this week you may start seeing Red Kettles pop up at notable locations. The goal, according to Eddie Tolliver with the Kewanee Salvation Army, is to give people as much time as possible to make donations this year to meet what may be a greater need than ever. Eddie tells WKEI that the initiative is called "Rescue Christmas" and they hope that more time and more kettles will allow the Salvation Army to help more people. 

It's not just the red kettles that will be starting early however. Amber Patch Troxell also joined WKEI on Tuesday to announce that the Angel Tree would be going up soon as well. Fundraising in the era of COVID-19 has been nearly impossible and that means that there has been little money collected thus far for the purchase of Angel Tree gifts. The hope is that by getting the tree up sooner, the more people have time to buy items and get them saved up for Christmas. Contact Amber Patch Troxell for more information and keep an eye out for the Angel Tree at the Kewanee Wal Mart soon.

Blooms On Elm - The Greatest Comeback

Sep 15, 2020
The Greatest Comeback continues for local businesses including Blooms On Elm in Princeton.  Owner Quinta Naffziger attended a floral design academy in Chicago and decided to open Blooms two and half years ago.

The business hours for Blooms are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Saturday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.  They offer delivery in Princeton and the surrounding area.  For a time Blooms could not allow customers to enter the shop but still managed to take delivery and curbside pickup orders by phone, email and social media.

Quinta says the biggest hits to the floral industry during this time have been postponements of weddings and cancellation of proms.  But she says they have had a lot of customers looking to send something nice to brighten the day of people who haven’t been able to see many others during the restrictions and social distancing.

When you visit Blooms on Elm, keep in mind that social distancing is being practiced and face masks are required.  In addition to their website bloomsonelm.net they also have a Facebook page.  Blooms On Elm is located at 14 Elm Place in Princeton or you can give them a call at 815-915-8537.

Linda Bolls And Etta La Flora Volunteer Service Award

Sep 15, 2020
Linda Bolls rarely slows down, even in retirement. After retiring from the Salvation Army in 2017, Linda wasn't about to let time go to waste at home. Instead, Linda contacted Etta La Flora, Kewanee Citizen of the Year, and an Ameri-Corps family member. Etta signed up Linda to help out local non-profits via Americorp and landed Linda a volunteer position at Abilities Plus that has been hugely rewarding and time consuming, just as Linda likes it. Linda Bolls and Etta La Flora were our guest on Tuned In on Tuesday.

Akbar Bajabiamila American Ninja Warrior

Sep 15, 2020
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila is the co-host of the hit competition series American Ninja Warrior and he joined WKEI in the Noon Hour on Monday to take fans behind the scenes of American Ninja Warrior. We talked to Akbar about his love of telling stories, trying and failing to keep composure as contestants achieve unbelievable feats and what the rest of the bubble season in St Louis has in store for fans of American Ninja Warrior.

Kris Noble SVACC

Sep 15, 2020
Kris Noble SVACC by Regional Media

Relay for Life 2020 Report

Sep 15, 2020
Relay for Life 2020 Report by Regional Media

Kathy Werderman Kittens At The Kewanee Pound

Sep 14, 2020
Kathy Werderman with the Kewanee Animal Control Pound was our guest on People to People on Monday. Kathy joined WKEI to talk about Kittens. Specifically, the pound has free kittens right now. Free in the sense that they can be fostered now and then become yours once you have paid to have the kitten spayed or neutered. We talked about the challenges facing finding homes for cats as opposed to dogs and the benefits of the new pet registration law in the City of Kewanee.