Regional Media-Virden Broadcasting set to "Jack Up" Quad Cities Radio!

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August 31, 2016


Contact: Fletcher Ford

President and CEO Regional Media

[email protected]


Regional Media-Virden Broadcasting set to “Jack Up” Quad Cities Radio!

Regional Media will switch its signal in the Quad City market to bring the highly popular “JACK” radio format beginning on September 1, 2016.

WYEC, which will become KQCJ, at 93.9 on the FM dial, serves Peoria to Eldridge with its majority listenership in the Quad Cities region has been planning a major change for months!

JACK FM is the most successful radio programming approach in North America. It offers upbeat and unconventional “Playing What We Want” branding. The JACK FM Adult Hits format presents an energizing presentation of hit songs from the late 1960s through the 2000s that has attracted a significant following, reaching more than 20 million listeners weekly.

Regional Media is excited to launch the highly successful JACK format in the Quad Cities,” commented President and CEO Fletcher M. Ford  “Our signal, at 93.9, will carry the distinctive sound of JACK FM to the entire Quad Cities and surrounding regions, and the unique playlist and music mix is perfectly suited to our midwest lifestyle. Both listeners and advertisers will love the new JACK FM at 93.9 on the FM dial.”


The new Jack FM will continue in Regional Media's legacy of dedication to local high schools programming, local and national news, and local interviews.


“We are just simply JACKED to the max, to launch the new JACK FM format on 93.9. The music and the energy that it brings to the table will literally change the Quad Cities!”, said Jason Gilbraith, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Regional Media.


“The JACK FM format is unlike anything in the Quad Cities market,” said Regional Media Operations Manager Sean Patrick.I am very excited to be part of bringing JACK FM to the Quad Cities because I know people will love it.”


Regional Media-Virden Broadcasting is an Iowa based locally owned company that owns and operates multiple media outlets in Iowa and Illinois.

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