Regional Media and all of its broadcast radio stations are dedicated to inspiring and creating positive change that improves the lives of others. The company’s community programs are built on the idea that through public awareness and education we can drive attention and action that directly addresses today’s most pressing issues. each year, Regional Media stations support thousands of local and nonprofit organizations nationwide and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local causes. Throughout the year, Regional Media radio stations and websites across the Midwest spotlight thousands of local and national nonprofit organizations.  It is our mission as the local voice of the community, to provide excellence in entertainment when it’s wanted, trusted information when it’s needed, by helping listener’s and readers in need, and business succeed, each and every single day!

Regional Media supports many large and small organizations by:

  • Providing media inventory in the form of radio and digital PSAs and digital inventory
  • Supporting local events like walk-a-thons, fundraising events and supply drives
  • Taking action in communities facing disaster situations
  • Advocating for various national and local issues
  • Engaging local officials and decision makers through our partnerships
  • Taking on countless initiatives throughout the year that affect residents across the area
  • Providing media inventory in the form of radio and digital PSAs and digital inventory
  • Providing scholarships in the media industry
  • Teaching free marketing and business management classes

If you are looking for a donation or information on a donation: Email here


If you would like to apply for Regional Media’s Hometown Hope program, please apply HERE

Marketing Services:

High Impact Radio Marketing
Brand and Digital Marketing
Contesting / Promotions
Discount Gift Certificates
Events Marketing
E-Mail Marketing

Text Marketing
Social Media Engagement
Online Display Advertising
Graphic Design
Web Design Services
Advertising Consultant Services

Brand Development:

Branding Jingles
On-Hold Phone Messaging
Video Services
Visual Styling

Business Consultation:

Business Planning
Market Research
Process Development
Strategic Planning
Training and Development

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