Good advertising begins with good information.

It’s difficult for us to help you get results using radio advertising without knowing first how you’ve gotten where you are today. We like to begin by gathering information about your business and from there, we state the problem or where opportunities may lay and then work on a solution.

Our Proven 4-Step System will get you results.

For it to work you must be committed and you must stay the course. When done correctly Radio Advertising can:

  • create store traffic
  • attracts new customers
  • boosts and maintains moral
  • encourages repeat business
  • generates continuous business
  • keeps your business top-of-mind
  • keeps you in the competitive race
  • gives your business a successful image

Step #1 – Customer Needs Analysis
A professional member of our well-trained staff will conduct an in-depth Customer Needs Analysis of your business. Just like a doctor must examine a patient before he can prescribe the proper treatment, our Customer Needs Analysis allows us to recommend the proper advertising plan for your business.

Step #2 – Developing the plan
Our result-oriented, award winning creative team turns ideas into problem solving creative solutions that sell! From attention-getting positioning statements to ear-grabbing production, you get commercials that break the sameness barrier and get attention of your potential customers.

Step #3 – Making the plan work
The key here is to commit to the plan. You should never start an advertising campaign with the intention of stopping.  Results don’t come overnight. Advertising is a process – not an event. A great offer clearly and creatively stated and repeated enough times will produce positive, profitable results for your company.

Step #4 – Monitoring the results
We follow-up with you as often as needed to re-evaluate the current plan and see if any changes are needed.

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