Wanee Cinemas Closed by COVID-19 BUT Popcorn to Go For Sale Wednesday

The clamp down on public gatherings in the state of Illinois has led to movie theaters across Illinois closing but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get the best movie theater popcorn around. Bud Johnson from the Wanee Cinemas tells WKEI that though the movies are at a halt, the popcorn, pop and candy will be plentiful as the theater waits out the end of the restrictions on public gatherings. According to Bud Johnson, patrons will be able to purchase popcorn with a lid, pop and candy at the Wanee Cinemas from 5 Pm to 7 Pm daily. So, as you head home to stream your favorite entertainment, don’t forget the snacks at the Wanee Cinemas.

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