Kewanee Landscape Waste Pick Up Resumes March 16th

The City of Kewanee will resume landscape waste pick up on March 16th. That from a release from the City of Kewanee on Monday afternoon. The release came with new guidelines for what can and cannot be included in landscape waste. According to the City of Kewanee, landscape waste pick up cannot weigh more than 50 pounds and cannot include such things as Landscape Fabric and Timber, Plastic Material/Bags, Rocks, Wire and any Metal Items, No Bottles and Cans of Any Kind, No Paper or Cardboard, and No Dead Animals or Animal Waste. Items that can be included in Landscape Waste Pick Up include:

Grass and Weed Clippings


Garden Vegetables and Fruits

Tomato Vines and Bean Vines

Leaves and Small Twigs

Corn Husks and Corn Cobs


Walnuts and Acorns


Further guidelines related to excess waste and stickers can be found at this link Landscape Info 2020.

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