Domestic Incident Leads to Two Arrests in Macomb

Macomb Police arrested two people Wednesday after getting calls regarding a domestic dispute at a residence on the 300 block of N. Sherman Avenue. 22-year old Sydney Kendra Rowe and 23-year old James M. Stevenson, both of Macomb, were arrested following a disturbance. According to police, Rowe allegedly went to the residence on N. Sherman where, according to police, she once resided to retrieve personal belongings and allegedly broke a window to gain entrance. While there, she began yelling at another subject in the residence. According to police she struck a pregnant victim. Police ordered her outside several times, but she refused and allegedly resisted officers. When officers arrived, they observed Stevenson allegedly trying to break out the window of a car parked on the property. Stevenson was arrested for allegedly attempting to get a subject out of a car to start a fight. Rowe was charged with Aggravated domestic battery, criminal damage to property and resisting a peace officer. Stevenson was charged with disorderly conduct. Both were released on bond.

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