All Schools Cancelled in Macomb as Search Continues for Suspect in On Campus Shooting at WIU

All schools are cancelled and much of the City of Macomb is at a standstill as police seek an 18 year old suspected of shooting his roommate on the campus of Western Illinois University. Campus security at WIU indicate that 18 year old Kavion Poplous is suspected of having shot his roommate at WIU before fleeing the scene. Earlier today, Western Illinois University officials held a press conference.

Kavion K. Poplous is 18 years old and from the Englewood area of Chicago, Illinois. Witness testimony indicates that 5 shots may have been fired in the incident and that immediately after the incident the fire alarm at Thompson Hall was set off. Other than that unverified testimony, all that is known is that Poplous fled the scene with the weapon and is considered by the WIU Office of Public Safety to be armed and dangerous.


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