The Back Road Music Festival is one of the many passions that our President and CEO Fletcher Ford has. Each year, our Regional Media team does thousands of events across the state, but this one is his absolute favorite. Because of the passion of two friends, and a strong community, this event delivers for charity. When two lifelong friends, a bartender and a banker, got a crazy idea, Regional Media had to help out. The festival has transformed rural Henry County Illinois for years to come. Specifically, the small town of Galva, population 2,700.  Every August thousands flock to see some of the biggest country stars in the business.

The festival grounds are unlike any other. The stage rises out of a natural amphitheater surrounded by cornfields, windmills, with a panoramic country view that allows fans to see for miles.

Year after year, the sense of community couldn’t be more evident. When you come to the back road music festival, you make memories for life, and it feels like home no matter where you are from. By attending the festival, you will also be supporting the long list of charities we support. We take pride in using our platform to help others in need. If you want a safe, family friendly environment, that helps others then we are the perfect summer festival for you. One ticket, 7 acts, charity, good food, drinks, and a whole lot of #1’s. What are you waiting for?