Spoon River College Celebrates World Patient Safety Day

The Spoon River College nursing students celebrated World Patient Day on September 17th. In May 2019 194 countries came together to establish September 17th as World Patient Safety Day at the 72nd World Health Assembly. Since 2019 the World Health Organization spotlights patient safety every year to increase public awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, and spur global solidarity and action. The students at Spoon River had the opportunity to take part in this worldwide virtual event that offered up many notable speakers on a range of topics all relating to patient and health worker safety. The first-year clinical group watched “Annie’s Story: How a System’s Approach Can Change Safety Culture,” a film that highlights one nurses journey through using a faulty glucometer. The glucometer reading showed up as “high” but the patient’s blood sugar was actually the exact opposite. She treated the patient based on the glucometer reading and the patient ended up in the ICU. The film talks about accountability and talks about patient safety courses that are being implemented in the present. 

To see “Annie’s Story” go to https://www.chpso.org/annies-story

The nurses then learned about accu checks, insulin and insulin administration.

For more information about World Patient Safety Day, go to https://www.patient-safety-day.org

For more information about Spoon River College’s nursing program, contact Sally Shields- Public Information Coordinator at (309) 649-6250 or email [email protected]


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