Thirty-eight still missing after deadly tornadoes tear through Tennessee

(COOKEVILLE, Tenn.) — After several deadly tornadoes tore through neighborhoods across Tennessee, killing at least two dozen people, officials say 38 remain unaccounted for in Putnam County.

The mayor of Cookeville, one of the hardest-hit cities, has released the following list of names of people who were still missing as of late Tuesday night:

Rachel Baughman
Katherine Julian
Doreen Black
Ryan Hunter
Penny Penelope Cole
Phyllis Burchett
Charles Spurlock
Diana Smith
Robert Smith
Michael Bowers
Iris Walker
Dwight Gentry
Rocky Smith
Stella Zuller
Ryan Packinghan
Dustin Kingsland
David Phillips
Maureen Langford
Andi Otis
Lisa Burgess
Edward Carter
Tommy Knight
Robin Babb
Bethany Babb
Joey Dedemicis
Joe Murphy Jr.
Denton Nelson
Glen Phillips
Anthony Phillips
Rick Stegill
Rocky Smith
Ryan Packinghan
Tracy McGhee
Cody McGhee
Peyton Jackson
Colton Matheney
Kathy Koch
Joe Yoder

The tornadoes touched down early Tuesday morning in the hours after midnight, ripping through Nashville and other cities in Tennessee. The twisters took down power lines and wiped out dozens of homes, businesses and other buildings. Some of those killed were asleep in their beds, officials said.

“It hit so fast, a lot of folks didn’t have time to take shelter,” Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter told reporters Tuesday. “Many of these folks were sleeping.”

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has declared a state of emergency as a result of the devastation.

The National Guard has been deployed to help with search-and-rescue efforts.

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