Will Joe Biden’s influx of moderate Democrat support be enough to deliver a Super Tuesday win against Bernie Sanders?

(NEW YORK) — After former presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, The View co-hosts questioned whether their support would provide enough momentum to surpass Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ lead on Super Tuesday.

The three moderate Democrats voiced their support for their past rival amid concerns from the Democratic establishment that Sanders, a democratic socialist, is positioned to take a significant delegate lead after 14 states and the U.S. territory of American Samoa vote on Tuesday.

The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain discussed the Democrats rallying support around Biden and the possible outcomes of the biggest day voting day in the Democratic primary race.

“They want Biden to be the nominee and not Bernie. We’re in a dire situation with Trump in the White House. The stakes are extremely high,” Behar said. “My opinion is that the country is a center-right country and a lot of moderates in this country will go out and vote for Joe Biden, including a few Republicans maybe.”

Hostin agreed that “disgruntled” Republicans and Independents would likely vote for Biden given the choice between him and President Donald Trump. But she was also skeptical of the swiftness in which the former candidates endorsed Biden.

“There’s a lot at stake today, and I’m always surprised when I see people that have been running…so strenuously to get the nomination say Biden’s my guy,” Hostin said.

Hostin acknowledged that “it’s normal” for candidates that have suspended their campaign to show support for someone who’s still in the race, but said it makes her “uncomfortable” to see the quick shift.

“I always wonder, ‘Are they vying to be [vice president]? Is there something in it for them?"” she said.

“The endorsement of that group is very interesting, but I also wonder what happens with Elizabeth Warren,” Hostin continued. “She’s got a pretty significant war chest at this point.”

McCain said that Warren seemed to be “throwing shade at Biden” during a rally in Los Angeles Monday night when she said, “No matter how many Washington insiders tell you to support him, nominating a fellow Washington insider will not meet this moment.”

“That tells you she’s doubling down on Bernie and she wants to be his [vice president],” McCain said, adding that “downticket Democrats are extremely nervous about [Bernie] being at the top of the ticket.”

“A lot of seasoned Democrats see we cannot only lose the White House, but we could end up losing the House and Senate again,” McCain continued. “It’s much bigger than just this progressive movement.”

McCain went on to say that supporters of Sanders’ presidential campaign “are not going to make this easy for Biden” to win the Democratic nomination.

“They’re gonna go out swinging because they think of this as not only a political race, but a revolution, and they want to be on the right side of the revolution,” she said.

“It may be a revolution, but even a revolution has to have a floor to begin with,” Goldberg responded. “People want change. There’s no problem with that. There’s nothing wrong with change, but I don’t want change on top of chaos, and we’ve got chaos at the moment.”

“I want diplomacy,” Goldberg continued. “I want to have faith in the [Environmental Protection Agency]. I want to have faith in the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]. I don’t want to think everyone is lying to me all the time.”

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