New York City launches coronavirus portal to assist infected residents

(NEW YORK) — New York City has launched an online portal that provides residents with information and updates if they or someone they know has contracted the coronavirus.

The website, which launched Friday at, allows New Yorkers to self-report confidential information if they or someone they know has contracted the disease, shows symptoms, came into contact with someone who tested positive, or are in quarantine.

The city’s chief information officer, Jessica Tisch, said officials will be in direct contact with those users and provide information on where to get help and updates.

“This portal will empower New Yorkers to build an unprecedented data set that will reveal the spread of this virus throughout New York City, and enable City agencies to swiftly and effectively respond to the outbreak and communicate with affected members of the public,” Tisch said in a statement.

Nether the city’s Department of Information and Technology, which runs the portal, or the city’s Health Department, could immediately provide data on how many New Yorkers have used the portal.

The site is available in 11 languages, and New Yorkers who don’t have internet access can call 311 to provide their information.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 40,900 coronavirus cases and 932 related deaths in New York City, according to the Health Department.

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