‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ falls after failed demolition

(DALLAS) — A stubborn structure that stood standing at an angle for days after a first-effort demolition job failed has finally hit the ground.

The once dubbed “leaning tower of Dallas” collapsed on Monday.

The leaning tower of Dallas finally fell! @wfaa pic.twitter.com/FSthhL9qqM

— Ryan Kuether (@ryankuether) March 2, 2020

After 15 days of construction setbacks, a failed implosion and a solution to use a smaller ball to knock the stubborn structure down, the 11-story building has been reduced to rubble.

Gone but never forgotten. In our hearts forever. @LeaningTower #leaningtowerofdallas pic.twitter.com/z16ZCRReuU

— The Central Dallas (@thecentral_dal) March 3, 2020

Local residents and fans of the building that had its five minutes of fame online took to social media to react once the dust had settled.

I will remember you. Will you remember me, @LeaningTower? It was a good run, pal. You'll live on in our hearts forever. –The Ball ❤️ #LeaningTowerOfDallas pic.twitter.com/NUFZ9kh7SM

— Reunion Tower (@ReunionTower) March 2, 2020

Efforts to demolish the building began Feb. 16, but the implosion went awry and only took down some of it. The center of the building, which held the concrete and steel elevator shaft, remained.

“The concrete and steel core elevator shaft that survived the demolition is a testament to the same ‘built to last’ philosophy we will honor in our development,” according to a statement from The Central Dallas, the incoming development.

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