Iowa ranks 5th lowest in study of racial equality in state economies

Iowa came in fifth lowest in a new study by the WalletHub website that examines the level of racial equality within the economies of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, based on eight key dimensions.

Iowa earned a total score of 50.61 in the study by the personal finances website, with the maximum score being 100. Some of the key criteria examined in the WalletHub analysis were the differences between white and black Americans on median household income, jobless rates, home ownership rates and poverty rates.

The website reported several disparities between whites and blacks on economic issues. These include blacks occupying only 3.2 percent of executive or top-level positions, even though African Americans make up about 13 percent of the nation’s population, and the elevated black unemployment rate nationwide.

The disparity in wealth is also apparent in statistics showing that the average black family has a net worth of $17,150, compared to $170,000 for whites, WalletHub reported.

State Economies With the Most Racial Equality

Overall RankStateTotal Score1New Mexico79.922Alaska77.673Arizona77.304Hawaii77.195Texas76.606Colorado74.697Montana74.408Vermont74.119Delaware74.0010Washington73.7411West Virginia72.7112Florida72.6613Maryland72.4114Kentucky71.6515Tennessee71.5516Virginia70.7317Rhode Island69.2218Utah68.5719New Hampshire68.3720North Carolina68.2921Wyoming67.9922Nevada67.6023California67.6024Massachusetts67.5425Oregon67.3626Oklahoma67.1527Arkansas66.2028Idaho66.1829Georgia65.9130South Carolina65.6231Kansas65.3432Missouri64.8133Alabama63.5034Connecticut62.7935South Dakota62.5536New Jersey62.1337Nebraska61.1038Maine60.9639Mississippi60.3440Indiana58.5841New York58.0442Pennsylvania56.0143Louisiana56.0044North Dakota55.6445Ohio55.2146Michigan52.6147Iowa50.6148Minnesota48.7449Illinois45.1850Wisconsin44.3051District of Columbia16.00


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