With Illinois bill stuck, federal proposal would make daylight saving time permanent

(The Center Square) — Illinoisans frustrated with springing forward and changing their clocks twice a year have allies in Washington D.C. that could make daylight saving time permanent.

Multiple studies have shown losing an hour over the weekend every spring results in higher numbers of traffic accidents and health-related issues like heart attacks and stroke.

Introduced last March, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s “Sunshine Protection Act” would permanently leave the nation in daylight saving time, meaning last weekend’s time change would be the last one.

“There’s no reason to keep doing it,” Rubio said Monday. “It’s time to go permanent daylight saving and end this once and for all.”

Advocate Scott Yates with LocktheClock said the change would improve health and safety.

“Heart attacks go up, strokes go up, workplace accidents, traffic accidents, the list goes on and on,” he said.

A number of states have enacted measures that would stop the time change but they would have to see Congress act before any change could be made. Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe the biannual clock change, nor do any American territories. Illinois has pending legislation that would do away with the measure but after passing in the state Senate, it has yet to be assigned to a committee.

A YouGov poll from March 2019 found just over half of Americans support doing away with daylight saving time.

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