This is How Much Illinois Spends on Gambling

The 465 commercial casinos operating in the United States at the end of 2019 reported a combined revenue of $43.6 billion — an all-time high. Gambling in the United States is by no means limited to casinos, either. All but six states had lottery games in 2019, and lottery ticket sales totalled $81.6 billion that year.

Between both lotteries and commercial casinos, Americans and tourists spent $125.2 billion on gambling in 2019 — or about $491 for every adult in the country. Of course, gambling laws, which can restrict gambling opportunities, vary by state, as does interest in gambling. And residents of some states spend far more on lottery tickets and at casinos than others.

Illinois was home to 10 commercial casinos, as well as more than 7,000 locations with electronic gaming devices in 2019. Commercial casinos in the state reported $1.4 billion in revenue in 2019, down 1.5% from the previous year. Tax revenue generated by casino gambling totalled $455.2 million the same year, also 1.5% below the previous year’s level. The bulk of casino revenue collected by the state goes towards Illinois’ Education Assistance Fund, and the remainder to local governments that host commercial casinos. The declines were attributed to the uptick in gaming machines in bars and taverns across the state.

Lotto ticket spending in Illinois totaled $3.0 billion in 2019, which, in combination with commercial casino spending, totaled $4.3 billion — or $439 per adult.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Gaming Association, 24/7 Wall St. identified the states spending the most and least on gambling. States were ranked based on total spending on lottery tickets and in commercial casino gaming per adult 18 years and over in 2019. Gaming revenue refers to the amount earned by commercial casinos after winnings have been paid out to patrons.

Exactly what constitutes commercial casino revenue can vary by state. See the AGA report for a full methodological explanation.It is important to note that while there were 524 tribal casinos in the United States in 2019, these institutions are subject to different regulations than commercial casinos, and revenue from these establishments were not included in this story. Click here to see how much people spend on the lottery in every state.

RankStateLottery and casino spending per adult; 2019 ($)Lottery ticket sales per adult ($)Commercial casino consumer spending per adult ($)1Nevada5,035N/A5,0352Rhode Island1,5948137813Delaware1,3707845864Massachusetts1,1219911305New Jersey9724735006Mississippi966N/A9667West Virginia8804404408Maryland8394663739Louisiana83714769010Iowa77216161111New York75057317712Pennsylvania74341033313Indiana67824343514Missouri65829536315Michigan63544918516Ohio55734421317Georgia525525N/A18Connecticut470470N/A19South Carolina456456N/A20Illinois43930213721South Dakota43126616522Florida4253923323Arkansas40622218424Maine40527313225New Hampshire332332N/A26Oregon326326N/A27North Carolina325325N/A28Colorado32514018529Virginia324324N/A30Kentucky307307N/A31Kansas30211418832Tennessee289289N/A33Texas274274N/A34Vermont273273N/A35California241241N/A36New Mexico2398815037Idaho199199N/A38Arizona178178N/A39Wisconsin149149N/A40Minnesota147147N/A41Washington135135N/A42Oklahoma127814743Nebraska123123N/A44Montana7676N/A45Wyoming6868N/A46North Dakota5858N/A47Alabama-N/AN/A48Alaska-N/AN/A49Hawaii-N/AN/A50Utah-N/AN/A

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