‘Restore Illinois Bus Tour’ stops feature opposition to income tax change, COVID-19 restrictions

(The Center Square) – Republican state Representatives from southern Illinois are on the road with stops across the state holding rallies for what they call the “Restore Illinois Bus Tour.”

They stopped in Springfield Thursday.

The bus attached a crowd of a few dozen people at the steps of the Illinois State Capitol. The Republican lawmakers talked in support of President Donald Trump, voiced opposition to “fake news,” and were critical of what they said was Democratic corruption.

The tour started Tuesday and continues into the weekend. Friday, the tour will be in Utica, Rockford and Homer Glen. Saturday the tour will stop in Champaign, Mattoon and Effingham.

Democratic candidate for the 107th Illinois House district, Dave Seiler, on WMAY earlier this week criticized state Rep. Blaine Wilhour, R-Beecher City, for getting on a tour bus with stops around the state.

“Our current representative is really looking beyond the district and not taking care of the people as he should,” Seiler said.

Wilhour in Springfield at the capitol Thursday defended being out on the road touring the state.

“If we’re going to make a difference in the state of Illinois we’ve to go beyond District 107,” Wilhour said. “We need more friends in Springfield if we’re going to get something done. We talked about the super minority. Well, we need to drive the message across the state of Illinois that we’re ready to push these real reforms that are going to bring working-class jobs back.”

Wilhour also said they’re out urging people across the state to vote “no” on the proposed income tax change. He said that would force lawmakers to find real solutions to the state’s fiscal problems.

State Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, was at the Springfield stop. He told the crowd his efforts in the courts against Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s COVID-19 executive orders are crucial to restoring Illinois, and he’s succeeding.

“So hopefully now with Judge [Reylene] Grishow refusing to vacate the Clay County ruling the Illinois Supreme Court will get this now and understand it,” Bailey said. “And I believe justice will be served.”

Bailey, through his attorney Thomas DeVore, filed a civil contempt of court motion against Pritzker Thursday. He said the governor could face jail time.

“This man has got to pay the price,” Bailey said. “He has devastated families, he is devastating businesses, he is destroying Illinois and I believe now every day that goes by the reasons and the proof of that grow.”

Bailey claims the governor is trying to destroy the state’s economy “to be first in line for a federal bailout.”

A spokesperson for Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, who is representing Pritzker in the ongoing case, said they are reviewing the motion and will continue to defend the governor’s authority “to protect the residents of Illinois from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – authority that has been affirmed by every judge to take up the issue, with one exception. ”

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