Quick hits: Illinois news in brief for Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021

Energy deal at impasse

Discussions on a comprehensive change to the state’s energy policies seem to be at an impasse.

State Senate President Don Harmon said in a statement they’re disappointed they couldn’t come to an agreement.

But, Harmon said they’re encouraged by news of a possible deal in the U.S. Congress to provide billions in federal assistance for clean energy resources.

Pritzker signs new gun law

A measure Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed Monday supporters say modernizes the system of applying for a Firearm Owner’s Identification card, including allowing voluntary submission of fingerprints for applicants, combining the FOID and Concealed Carry License and requiring background checks for private transfers.

Opponents of the law say it won’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands but will make it more burdensome for legal gun owners.

Pritzker signs package of bills

The governor signed a package of bills Monday his office says makes Illinois the most welcoming state in the nation for immigrant and refugee communities.

The measures include one law prohibiting partnerships between state and local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

Republicans make plea to take up energy measure

A group of Republican lawmakers with nuclear power generators in their districts is calling for the legislature to take up a measure they say will keep them open.

They say Exelon filed decommission reports last week, a step that could lead to retiring several plants by this fall.

The group says tens of thousands of jobs are on the line. A measure discussed at the statehouse could give $700 million in ratepayer subsidies to Exelon.

Illinois Department of Agriculture issues cannabis licenses

Another 79 cannabis licenses have been approved.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture gave out 32 Craft Grow licenses, 28 Infuser licenses and 9 Transporter licenses.

Nearly 70 percent of awarded applicants identified as nonwhite.

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