Illinois retailers ask customers to wears masks, avoid cash, limit number of people in stores

Illinois retailers are asking customers to take precautions, including wearing masks, to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association launched an advertising campaign aimed at educating consumers about healthy habits to keep people safe from potential exposure to COVID-19, the new coronavirus that has shut down much of the global economy.

The association’s ad said small changes can help keep workers safe and shelves stocked.

“Wear a cloth mask that covers your nose and mouth,” the ad says. “Remember, both inside and outside the store, stay at least 6 feet apart. When possible, avoid using cash. And, try to have one member per family go shopping.”

The advertisement will air 2,100 times over the next 10 days in every media market in the state.

“From the earliest stages of this pandemic, retailers have implemented sweeping changes to how they operate their stores while at the same time meeting unprecedented customer demand. The goal of this PSA is to ensure customers take precautions to keep themselves and other customers safe while also protecting our essential retail workers,” said Rob Karr, president and CEO of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association. “As always, retailers across the state are working diligently to ensure safe working and shopping environments for all who enter our stores. As the Governor has noted several times, we need consumers to also do their part.”

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