Illinois ranks 8th lowest for racial equality in education

Illinois came in eighth lowest in a new study by the WalletHub website that examines equality between whites and black students in educational progress among the 50 states, based on six key dimensions.

Illinois earned a total score of 33.06 in the study by the personal finances website, with the maximum score being 100. The key educational dimensions in terms of differences between blacks and whites are the share of adults with at least a high school diploma, share of adults with at least a four-year degree, standardized test scores, mean SAT score, average ACT score and public high school graduation rate.

In spite of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, school districts today with high concentrations of white students receive $23 billion more annually than those with high percentages of non-white students, according to the WalletHub analysis. Such disparities can lead to unequal educational outcomes, the researchers said.

State Rankings on Racial Equality in Education

Overall Rank (1=Most Equality)StateTotal Score1Wyoming75.032West Virginia74.913Montana74.764New Mexico71.615Idaho71.526New Hampshire64.617Vermont63.788Texas59.769Arizona59.3610Oklahoma59.0811Tennessee56.9812Kentucky56.6613Arkansas54.2614North Dakota53.7115Georgia51.8416Hawaii51.7917Delaware50.2818Alabama49.9319Oregon49.6620Mississippi49.4221Nevada48.9622Maine47.5523Indiana47.1624Washington46.4125Florida45.6726North Carolina45.2627Rhode Island45.2328Missouri44.1129California42.7530Alaska42.2231Louisiana41.3532Utah41.3033Maryland39.6634Nebraska39.1035Kansas37.0236Michigan36.8637Virginia36.5638Colorado36.3039Ohio35.4140Iowa35.0441New Jersey34.7042South Carolina33.2943Illinois33.0644South Dakota31.1445Massachusetts29.7146New York28.4847Pennsylvania28.2948Connecticut23.8849Minnesota21.5850Wisconsin13.44


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