Illinois ranked 25th best on taxpayers’ return on investment

Illinois finished 25th in a new study by the WalletHub website on whether residents of the 50 states are getting the most bang for the buck for their tax dollars.

The analysis, which noted that the taxpayer return on investment (ROI) is not uniform across the country, assigned each state a rank for total taxes paid per capita and an overall government services rank. From that information, WalletHub ranked each state on how efficient it was in spending state taxpayer revenue.

Illinois was ranked 29th on taxes paid per capita and 22nd on the quality of its government services. The government services rank was based on efficiency of public services provided in the areas of health, education, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution, according to WalletHub.

Though federal income taxes are consistent nationwide, some states receive more federal funds than others, and COVID-19 financial relief varies sharply among the states, the study concluded.

Tax Dollar Return on Investment, State by State

‘Taxpayer ROI’ Rank (1=Best)State‘Total Taxes Paid per Capita’ Rank‘Overall Government Services’ Rank1New Hampshire292Florida1303South Dakota6214Virginia2335Missouri3386Ohio12267Texas7358Georgia9349Nebraska241210Tennessee44111Colorado152712Kentucky182313Iowa32814Wisconsin33615Indiana221816Idaho192517Utah36718South Carolina54619Maine301320North Carolina173221Montana202822Rhode Island311623Michigan213124Alabama84525Illinois292226Pennsylvania272427Arizona134328Wyoming381429Maryland401030Oklahoma144231Washington392032Kansas352933Minnesota47134Alaska104835Oregon283636Massachusetts421137West Virginia253938New Jersey411539Mississippi164740Connecticut46541Vermont48242Louisiana115043Arkansas344044New York431945Nevada264446Delaware441747North Dakota50448New Mexico374949California453750Hawaii4933


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