A southern Illinois business owner is not happy with state’s stay-at-home order

(The Center Square) – A southern Illinois lodge owner is fed up with Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order.

Numerous businesses have been closed since the order was put in place on March 21.

Tab Walker, who owns a fishing lodge near a state-run lake in Newton, said March and April were supposed to be the busiest months for his business.

“What we became the victim of was a governor who just decided to instead of going individual case-by-case situations, he basically said we are going to close all state-run facilities and that way it will be the same for everybody,” Walker said

Walker said the situation in southern Illinois is different than in Chicago and the decision-makers don’t seem to understand that.

Pritzker has hinted at loosening some of the restrictions in the stay-at-home order, but has not offered specifics.

Walker said he hopes it won’t be too late for his business.

“I guess the last thing in the world that I was expecting at a remote location like we are is that the state of Illinois would close our lake and totally shut our business down,” he said.

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