Work out like Chris Hemsworth with these moves

(NEW YORK) — Want to achieve Thor’s god-like strength? There’s an app for that.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has launched the Centr app, which includes a training program for people to do at-home and in the gym, inspired by some of Hemsworth’s favorite exercises, such as boxing, yoga and strength training. The app allows people to start at whatever level they feel most comfortable, from beginner to advanced.

“It’s what he thinks is going to make you the ultimate athlete and get your body to where you want it to be, and where you are most comfortable,” said former boxer and current Centr teacher Michael Olajide Jr,. who also worked with Hemsworth.

Olajide said that while Hemsworth is very familiar with many workout moves, he’s never afraid to try something new, a trait he hopes others embrace.

“No matter where you are on the spectrum of fitness or on the spectrum of coordination, you can always learn more. You can always do more,” he said.

Someone willing to put the app to the test is country music star Michael Ray, who was eager to learn some of Hemsworth’s favorite moves from Olajide at the Soho Strength Lab in New York City.

“I’m excited to just kind of learn some new stuff to add to what I already do and hopefully come out looking like Thor,” he told ABC News’ Good Morning America.

While Ray tries to go to the gym five to six times a week, being on the road frequently changes how he exercises every day.

And while starting any fitness journey is never easy, Ray said just starting is a big move, as is accepting that results won’t appear immediately.

“Always remind yourself it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” Ray said. “You just keep going and just because you show up and you get the workout in, you’re better than you were the day before.”

The following moves are a combination of Centr’s Devil’s Workout and additional endurance moves:

Move 1: Kettlebell lunge
What you’ll need: kettlebell

Hold the kettlebell in your right hand. Keep your left arm outstretched in front of you.
Position your body into a lunge with your left leg forward and your right leg back.
In the lunge position, drop down.
As you stand back up, bring your legs together and stretch the arm with the kettlebell up so it’s above your head. Every time you stand back up, press the kettle ball up.
Alternate arm after.

Move 2: Band squat
What you’ll need: resistance band

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
Stretch the band across your back and arms so that your arms are stretched out on each side of you with each end of the band in your hands.
Squat and press your hands forward so that each end of the band touches, and the band stretches across your back.
Stand back up and bring your arms back to your sides.

Move 3: Medicine Ball Throw
What you’ll need: medicine ball, bosu ball

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold the medicine ball in both hands.
Pick the medicine ball up over your head and throw the ball down as hard as possible and catch it as it bounces back up.

Move 4: Boxing
What you’ll need: nothing

Place your left foot forward and right foot back in a boxing position, with your hands in a pyramid position.
Keep your feet stabilized.
With your hands, right jab forward, left jab forward, right jab forward, left uppercut, right jab forward, left hook and right jab
Repeat at different speeds.

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