Facebook launches ‘Messenger Rooms’ so you can stay connected during quarantine


(NEW YORK) — Facebook just announced the launch of “Messenger Rooms,” a brand new way to interact via video chat.

In the era of social distancing, this product is aimed to help keep people connected.

“We’re rolling out a new product called Messenger Rooms, the first video chat designed with social interactions in mind,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, said in a statement to “Good Morning America”

“There are 360-degree immersive backgrounds that make you feel like you’re in another place and features like AI-powered mood lighting — all things to make your video experience better and make you feel closer to the people and things you care about,” Zuckerberg said.

You’ll also be able to have up to 50 people in a room for an unlimited amount of time.

“Since Rooms can stay open for as long as you want, you won’t have to schedule time to be present with people, you can just drop by and catch up with friends you wouldn’t have necessarily called otherwise,” Zuckerberg added.

Users will be able to join a chat even if they don’t have a Facebook account or the Messenger app.

The owner of the room will also be able to control privacy settings like who sees the room and if new guests can join.

Facebook also plans bring this feature to Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal.

“We hope Messenger Rooms will help people feel connected now, and later,” a blog post on the company’s site read.

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