Are these $59 pantyhose really unbreakable?

(NEW YORK) — The word “pantyhose” makes many women cringe — whether it brings up memories of being uncomfortable or ripping during the day, most of us have been there.

But what if pantyhose never ripped? Would you wear them more?

Enter Sheertex, a company that claims it has the answer to some of our pantyhose concerns.

The company uses a proprietary fiber found in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment to make its pantyhose.

It claims its pantyhose are “unbreakable in human hands” and 10 times “stronger than other pantyhose on the market.”

“We’re taking a product category often seen as old-fashioned and unstylish, and creating a product category that is long-lasting, sustainable, and fashionable,” the company told ABC News’ Good Morning America.

Sheertex’s Classic Sheers come in six colors, ranging from light to dark, in an attempt to make their sheers more inclusive to all skin tones.

ABC News tried ‘unbreakable’ pantyhose

Four of ABC’s producers tested the pantyhose for a week and none of them ripped.

After wearing the Sheertex Sheers for a week, Good Morning America producer Elisa Tang said she was shocked how durable they were.

“I tugged on them, tried ripping through them with my engagement ring, but nothing could tear them apart,” Tang said.

Despite the pantyhose not ripping on ABC’s watch, the company does say the pantyhose “are not invincible against all odds.”

Durability comes at a price, as the classic sheers are $59. Typical pantyhose at a retail store can usually be purchased for less than $10.

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