Wethersfield Schools Will Offer Free Lunches for Students and The Disabled

Many have asked what will happen for children who rely on schools for at least one meal per day and Wethersfield Schools is offering an answer for their students. According to a post on the official Victor E Goose Facebook page, Wethersfield Schools will provide a to-go sack lunch weekdays during the time frame in which the school will remain closed due to concerns over COVID-19. Currently, Illinois Schools are closed through March 31st. You can read the full message from Wethersfield Schools from their Facebook page below for full details on this program…

Wethersfield School District will be providing lunches during the school closure to anyone: 1) 18 years or younger 2) if over 18- currently enrolled in school or 3) anyone 21 years or younger is has a mental or physical disability. The lunches are free, and will be offered Monday-Friday from March 17 thru March 30. The lunches will be a sack lunch and you can chose between either a meat/cheese or peanut butter/jelly sandwich, vegetable, fruit and milk (flavor is cook’s choice).

The sack lunches will be offered as pickup to-go lunch which it is picked up at the kitchen door located in the Blish Parking Lot between the hours of 11:00am-12:30pm. If transportation is not available to pick up a lunch, the sack lunch can also be delivered to the home starting at 11:00am each day.

To place your order for either delivery or drive by pick up- please phone or text 883-7266 or email lbystrygeese230.com between 9:00am-10:00am. Please provide number of sack lunches needed, if meat/cheese or peanut butter, family/student name, if the lunch is for pick up or delivery, and if for delivery- the address of the delivery. Note- A standing lunch order that will cover the time of the entire school closure can also be made so you do not have to text/call every day.

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