Sinnissippi Centers WSDR Talk Show with Andy Jackson

Every September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental illnesses and substance use disorders and celebrates people who recover. The 2020 theme is Celebrating Connections, appropriate for the times we are in.

Normally Sinnissippi Centers, as many other organizations across the United States, hold events during Recovery Month, but obviously due to COVID-19, those gatherings have been cancelled or severely curtailed. WE hope to return to having our Recovery Celebration next year.

The Goal of Recovery Month is to increase awareness that treatment works, and recovery is possible. Second, it’s to let people know that you can be a great support to someone suffering from a substance use disorder without any special knowledge or training, just by being there. Getting more information about the disease, however, is always a help if you choose to do that.

Some Facts to consider: 60% of rural Americans live in areas with a shortage of treatment professionals. Distance to treatment services in rural areas can be a barrier to getting treatment. Family and friends can play a major role in helping prevent mental and substance use disorders by identifying when someone has a problem.

For more information about recovery month visit For Recovery Month Specific information And click on our Links page for a large variety of links and topics.

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