Old Lee County Court House

DNY59/iStockAs the result of the COVID-19 pandemic and remaining consistent with county government operational changes at the New Courts Services Building, we are modifying operations at the Old Courthouse, effective immediately.   In the interest of being proactive and to better protect the public and county employees, we are limiting business at the Old Courthouse to “essential business only”. 

Essential business is that which needs to be addressed immediately and cannot be re-scheduled. In addition, there are ways in which both essential and non-essential can be conducted electronically or telephonically, thus conforming to the “social-distancing” recommendation by our local health department Director Cathy Ferguson-Allen.Additionally, each courthouse will be operating with limited staff to, again, lessen the chance of exposure for everyone. 

This new procedure will remain in effect through April 17, 2020, or until the risk of exposure decreases.   Sheriff Simonton is asking for your cooperation, during this unique time in our lives.  The environment is rapidly changing. It is important that citizens follow the advice of their local, regional, state and national health care professionals. While this safety challenge is global in nature, we can all expect our daily lives to be disrupted and impacted. 

Law enforcement will continue to work around the clock with our partners in the health care sector and in coordination with our elected officials, to implement policies that support the health and safety of the public. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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