With No Sports Gamblers Looking to the Sky for Bets

Online gambling company, Bovada, has announced that they are accepting bets on the weather. With sports currently on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Bovada.com tells WKEI that they have begun accepting over/under bets on the temperature. Bovada is currently offering betting lines on temperatures in major cities such as Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Gamblers can bet on whether the temperature will get above or remain below a specific temperature on that given day. Results of the daily betting will be based on weather information from TimeandDate.com.

Gamblers can also bet on the maximum and minimum temperatures in New York City, Philadelphia and areas of Canada. The site currently lists no odds for today’s weather. That said, officials at Bovada tell WKEI that the betting on weather is just one way they are maintaining business on the site that relies mostly upon sports gambling.

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