Wethersfield Schools Announce Online Registration for Next School Year

Wethersfield Schools are beginning the rollout of online registration for the next school year. In a release published to social media on Monday, Wethersfield Schools announced that fall registration for students entering grades 9-12 will be conducted online beginning on May 12th. Students and parents should receive an email announcing instructions for the Online registration via the student email service. If you have any questions about online registration or scheduling contact Mrs Seiden at Wethersfield Schools at 309-853-4205.

Wethersfield Schools also released a reminder for those same students to make sure they have completed online assignments for this school year. By now, some students who’ve fallen behind or have simply not completed online work will have received an ‘Incomplete’ notice. Students who receive an Incomplete letter need to complete their E-Learning course work in order to receive credit for classes taken in this current school year. Failure to complete E-Learning courses could result in having to re-take classes next school year.

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