Wanee Cinemas Raises More than $400.00 for Kewanee Food Pantry with Popcorn Sales

Another strong week of popcorn sales and donations at the Wanee Cinemas. The Buck a Bucket program at the Wanee Cinemas raised $434.00 this week for the Kewanee Food Pantry. That brings the running total of funds raised for the food pantry to $2671.00 in just over a month. You can continue to help raise funds for the Kewanee Food Pantry by purchasing a Monster Bucket of popcorn at the Wanee Cinemas. $1.00 of your purchase will be donated to the Kewanee Food Pantry.

The Wanee Cinemas is selling popcorn every night from 5 Pm to 7 Pm amid the COVID-19 shutdown. You can support both the Wanee Cinemas and the Kewanee Food Pantry with your purchase of a Monster Bucket of popcorn to enjoy at home tonight.

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