Wanee Cinemas Bucket a Bucket Fundraiser Week 4

Another strong week of fundraising at the Wanee Cinemas. Bud Johnson tells WKEI that the theater raised $537.40 this week for the Kewanee Food Pantry. The Wanee Cinemas is open for Popcorn sales each night from 5 Pm to 7 Pm. For the past 4 weeks, the theater has taken $1.00 from the sale of each monster bucket of popcorn and donated that to support the Kewanee Food Pantry. The charity effort has been a huge hit bringing in not only popcorn sales but direct donations as well.

The Kewanee Food Pantry has seen a significant increase in people needing their services. The support of the Wanee Cinemas is a huge bright spot for the food pantry. If you would like to help the Kewanee Food Pantry, you can pick up a monster bucket of popcorn at the Wanee Cinemas each night between 5 Pm and 7 Pm and make a donation.

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