Wanee Cinemas Announces Big Donation to Kewanee Food Pantry

The decision to open up and sell movie theater popcorn has been a huge success, not just for the movie theater. Bud Johnson, owner of the Wanee Cinemas, tells WKEI that a dollar a bucket fundraiser for the Kewanee Food Pantry brought in $751.00. The Wanee Cinemas promotion where one dollar of sales of Monster Buckets goes to the food pantry led to the generous donation. Popcorn sales plus donation accepted from patrons made up the check which is to be delivered to the food pantry. Tonight, and every night, you can buy your Monster Bucket of Popcorn at the Wanee Cinemas and $1.00 will be donated to support the Kewanee Food Pantry.

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