Throneburg 37th District Candidacy Ends Due to Election Rules

Marcus Throneburg who was mounting an independent challenge in the 37th District State Senate seat currently held by the retiring Republican State Senator Chuck Weaver, is now out of the race after an objection to his candidacy was upheld by the Illinois State Board of Elections. Throneburg, posting to his campaign social media on Friday, explained that the Illinois Board of Elections upheld a rule that removed Throneburg from the ballot due to his having pulled an established party ballot back in March. Throneburg stated that he disagreed with the ruling but should have been aware of the rule that does not allow independent candidates to vote in party primaries. Throneburg had participated in the Republican Primary in March.

Win Stoller, the man picked to replace Weaver on the Republican ballot in March had been behind the challenge to Throneburg’s candidacy. It was Stoller’s campaign that requested that Throneburg’s candidacy be reviewed first for not having enough signatures to be on the ballot and then when it came to light that Throneburg had pulled a party ballot in March. Throneburg, in his statement on social media, stated he would have more to say about the ruling in the future before closing his statement by promising that campaign donations made in recent weeks would be returned within the next 7 to 10 days.


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