Teyo Dejesus Found and Reunited With His Mother

WKEI has been following the story of 5 year old Teyo Dejesus and his mother Andrea Dejesus for several months. Teyo was nearly 4 years old when his father, Malcon Dejesus, after being denied custody of his son, took Teyo and went on the run. Two years of hiding, with much of that time believed to be hiding in Kewanee, ended over the weekend with Malcon Dejesus being arrested in Champaign County on a Henry County warrant for Disorderly Conduct. Andrea Dejesus told WHBF Channel 4 that she’d known Malcon Dejesus’ most recent hiding place had been in Champaign County and it was a series of flyers that she handed out that eventually led residents of Champaign to call police and inform them of Malcon Dejesus’ location. There, Police found Teyo and set up the reunion of mother and son. Teyo is back home with Andrea Dejesus who is now hoping to put a heart wrenching two year search behind them.

Andrea Dejesus with Daughter Makiya Searching for Teyo

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