Sunday is National Pizza Day What is the Most Popular Slice in Illinois and Where Do You Go to Get It?

Sunday, February 9th is National Pizza Day and has crunched the numbers to tell us what the most popular pizza topping in the state of Illinois is. And the winner is????


Sausage Pizza! 


Yes, while the rest of America is loving Pepperoni, Illinois goes for Sausage pizza as the favorite.


But what about where to go to get pizza? once again has the answer and the top choice for the state of Illinois is a bit of a surprise, especially compared to the rest of the country. And the winner is??? 


Marco's Pizza! 


Yes, while the rest of the country is divided among the biggest chains in the nation, Illinois bucks the trend by choosing the underdog brand, Marco's which has a mere 900 locations nationwide versus the much larger chains in the country. 

You can examine the numbers in the poll for yourself by following this link

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