State Senator Win Stoller in Kewanee for Townhall Meeting

State Senator Win Stoller is in Kewanee today, Thursday, July 15th, for a townhall meeting at The Stables from 6 Pm to 7:30 Pm. The event is free to attend and State Senator Stoller plans on trying to answer as many questions as possible during the event. Prior to the event, State Senator Stoller was our guest in our Regional Media Studios for a preview of tonight’s event and to discuss several issues that have been in the headlines across the state. State Senator Stoller tells WKEI that he recently met with Governor Pritzker in the midst of passing the so-called ‘SALT’ bill, a bill aimed at helping Small Businesses with Federal taxes. State Senator Stoller also spoke to WKEI about the need for clarification on the state level regarding mask mandates for kids returning to school, and about an ongoing scandal related to the Illinois Prison Board.

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