State Senator Neil Anderson Responds to Governor Extending Shelter at Home Order

State Senator Neil Anderson is among the Illinois lawmakers offering statements regarding the extension of the Governor’s Shelter at Home order. The Governor announced on Thursday, that the stay at home order will be extended through the month of May. The Governor also altered some of the order to allow for more essential businesses, and called for the requirement that anyone who can medically tolerate a mask is required to wear one in public. State Senator Neil Anderson released the following statement wherein he praised the Governor’s decisions to open some state parks while also criticizing the lack of a long term plan to fully re-open the economy.

“I’m glad to see that the Governor listened to our calls to let the citizens of Illinois to enjoy their state parks, let some businesses to re-open and will be issuing guidance to surgery centers and hospitals to allow certain elective surgeries to resume. However, I believe the people of this state still deserve to hear what the long-term plan is to re-open our economy,” said Anderson. “A one-size-fits-all solution won’t help get Illinois back on track, and unfortunately, we didn’t hear anything today about a regional science-backed plan to safely re-open our state. For my constituents, knowing that a plan is in development to return our state and its economy to a ‘new normal’ would go a long way to ease their minds.”

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