State Representative Dan Swanson Announces Intention to Run for Re-Election in New 71st District

The new Illinois Legislative map has completely reshaped the political landscape of the state of Illinois. Few people know that as well as State Representative Dan Swanson who announced his intention to return to the statehouse but in a newly formed 71st District. Swanson is currently the State Representative in the 74th District but under the new map, Swanson’s home is now in District 71 where he will seek re-election to the Illinois House. The newly formed 71st State House District stretches from the Quad City area, through portions of Henry and Mercer County to Galesburg/Knoxville, Monmouth, and Macomb.

With the new District maps the current Representative of the 71st District, Tony McCombie is now in the 74th District where she is also expected to run for re-election. As for State Representative Swanson, he will face a primary opponent in his re-election bid in the newly formed District. Bushnell resident Matthew Rauschert announced his candidacy in the 71st District last year. There is no word yet on a Democratic challenger in the 71st District.

In his campaign announcement on Thursday State Representative Swanson stated: “I ran for and won election to serve as State Representative six years ago to continue my advocacy for hardworking families and veterans in Springfield,” explained Swanson. “I’ve led the charge for accountability and action at Quincy Veterans Home following the Legionnaire’s outbreak and more recently holding officials accountable in our Veterans Homes for their handling of COVID.”

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