Searching for a Missing Child in the Midst of Shelter at Home Proving Nearly Impossible

One of the unfortunate side effects of the Shelter at Home proclamation, it’s made the search for 5 year old Teyo Dejesus nearly impossible. Teyo has been missing for well over a year after his father disappeared with the child after losing full custody. Teyo’s mother, Andrea Dejesus, has continued her search but Shelter at Home means no searching for her son in schools or public places. Ms Dejesus has released a new t-shirt with Teyo’s face on it in hopes of someone potentially coming forward with information on where he might be sheltered with his father, Melcon Dejesus of Kewanee. It was believed as late 2019 that Melcon Dejesus was hiding out with his son somewhere in Kewanee. Mr Dejesus actually contacted Andrea earlier this year, just before the Governor’s Shelter at Home order and it appeared he may have been prepared to surrender. That didn’t happen and the Shelter at Home order, the curtailing of inessential travel and even the stimulus have made hiding a little bit easier for the time being. Andrea however, tells WKEI that the search is still on and that she is not giving up hope.

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