Search Continues for Two Persons of Interest Sought in Princeton Shooting that Left One Dead

The search continues for a pair of persons of interest in a shooting in Princeton, Illinois that left one person dead and another with non-life threatening injuries. The timeline begins at around 4:15 Pm when Princeton Police were called to a trailer park in the area of the 200 Block of Hillview Drive in Princeton. At the scene were two people who had been shot. Witnesses told Princeton Police investigators that they had seen a while male driving a Dark colored Nissan Altima in the area at the time of the shooting, The passenger in that vehicle was a identified as a black male subject.

At approximately 5:15 Pm, Princeton Police confirmed that one of the two victims had succumbed to their injuries while the second victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police also confirmed at that time that the Persons of Interest in the shooting had fled the scene and were believed to be in Kewanee. Kewanee Police Chief Troy Ainley confirmed that the Persons of Interest were being sought in Kewanee.

At just after 5 Pm an eyewitness who spoke to WKEI stated that she’d seen two young men on foot pass through her yard in the area of East 11th and Kent. The witness gave WKEI this statement…

“My nephew and I were out back working on the fence. The 2 guys came walking into my yard from the neighbor to the East. They came from E 11th and Kent. They just calmly walked right by and said Hello and asked how we were doing. They were headed towards May St but took off running into the trees towards E 10th st. Robinson was playing with his belt line. We thought his pants were falling down but who knows now. They ran when they saw a car go down the road. We initially thought they were running from people but they probably thought it could be a cop car. They were nice to us which was smart because we didn’t suspect them of anything. They were close enough to spit on so I got a good look. We heard police sirens 15 minutes or so after we saw the guys. I was in the shower when they all converged on my neighborhood.”

At approximately 6:15 Pm Princeton Police confirmed the identity of Davijon Robinson as a person of interest in the shooting. Princeton Police posted this photo of Robinson and asked the public to contact them or the Kewanee Police Department if they were aware of Robinson’s whereabouts.

Eye witnesses have since confirmed that the other person being sought in the case is a white male juvenile. There has been no confirmation from law enforcement however regarding anything to do with the identity of the driver of the Nissan Altima.

Just before 8 Pm, a large group of law enforcement officials converged on the 400 Block of Rice Street. There is no official word as to whether anyone had seen Robinson and the other subject in the area, only the large presence of law enforcement indicated that there may have been a sighting of the two in the area.

At around at 8:30 Pm, social media posts popped claiming that the white male juvenile subject in the case had been arrested following a traffic stop on Route 82 near Cambridge. However, WKEI spoke with Henry County Sheriff Kerry Loncka who told WKEI no suspects were currently being held in Henry County and stated that Princeton Police would be in charge of any information regarding the case.

Regional Media Princeton reporter Paul Bomleny spoke to law enforcement sources in Princeton who refused comment when asked about the identity of the driver  of the vehicle. Princeton Police are expected to address the media on Thursday with an update on the search for the two subjects who still have only been identified as persons of interest in the case.



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