Restaurants in Kewanee Can Sell Packaged Liquor Products with a Liquor License

WKEI reported that the City of Kewanee would not be allowing businesses to sell packaged liquor products during the COVID-19 shutdown. This not true anymore. In a conversation with Kewanee City Manager Gary Bradley, WKEI was informed that packaged liquor sales are now legal in the state of Illinois at restaurants with a liquor license. City Manager Bradley explains that the state has relaxed rules regarding the selling of packaged liquor products at restaurants that hold a liquor license. The state turned the matter over to local municipalities to decide if liquor pickup or delivery would be legal. The local liquor commissioner made the call to allow restaurants to sell packaged liquor products with food orders if that restaurant holds a liquor license. The City of Kewanee is adhering to the advice of the local liquor commissioner and allowing curbside pickup of packaged liquor products from restaurants that have a liquor license. Check with your favorite local restaurants to find out which are offering curbside pickup of packaged alcohol products with your food order.

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