Representative Cheri Bustos Visits Project NOW Head Start in Kewanee

Representative Cheri Bustos was in Kewanee on Monday to visit with Reverend Dwight Ford and representatives of the Project NOW Head Start class. Speaking to WKEI, Representative Bustos stated “The Biden Administration is talking about changing the whole way you look at what happens in early childhood.” Bustos continued saying “We always think of education typically as Kindergarten through Senior year of High School, but we’re going to look at that in a whole new way. with something like Project Now Head Start, that those 3 and 4 year olds, our goal is to make that standard as part of education. And then, after High School, after your Senior year in High School, you’ve had two more years that will be considered a standard part of education.” Bustos speaking to WKEI at the Project NOW Head Start headquarters at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church closed her statement saying “If we’re going to be the best in the world, from an education perspective, that’s the kind of things we have to look at and that’s what Head Start does.

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